Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Joe Meyer Day 1

First of all thanks for all the congrats about my saddle news. I am still so very, very excited. The estimate for it to arrive is anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. I'm hoping for 3 but expecting 6. Either way it should be here sometime in June which still leaves plenty of summer to break it in.

On to the clinic:

Saturday I rode at 2:00 and it rained all morning. It was still raining close to 1:00 and I wasn't sure if we would be able to ride outside or not. Riding inside meant no jumping which would have been okay but luckily the rain stopped right around 1:00 and the sun came out and other than everything being a little wet it was pretty nice out.

This is my first time riding in a clinic or taking a lesson from anyone beside my trainer in well over a year or so. I was surprisingly very nervous once I got down to the arena. There were quite a few people sitting around to watch. But, once we got going my nerves calmed down.

Day 1 Loki came out super relaxed and pleasant. My trainer rode him the day before as I was out of town and I could tell a difference. He was just softer over all.

I wouldn't say there was anything magical in the lesson but I did learn a few things. The #1 thing I heard was sit tall and "lift" to slow down stride by stride. The #2 thing I heard was get Loki to the jump straight. Every time we got to the jump crooked we got a crappy distance which pretty much guaranteed a crappy jump. Every time we got to the jump straight we got a much nicer distance and a better jump.

I didn't have a photographer for day one but I did give my phone to someone and asked them to try and get some videos/pictures. Sadly none of the photos really turned out very well but I did get one somewhat decent video. (Sorry it is vertical... that drives me nuts but it is was it is.)

This was just our warm-up fence. Afterwards we went on to put a few fences together throwing in some figure 8's etc. Overall it was a very productive lesson. I was super tired at the end!

Just finished up day 1; tired and happy.
I do have an upcoming post on our bridle and new brow band. I'll get to it as soon as I can!


  1. Looks like it was a good time! I updated my post for the fits pricing. You can also email me too. equestrianathart at gmail :)

    1. I'll check the size I need when I'm at the barn tomorrow and let you know if the smalls will work. :)

  2. Hurray for a new saddle, and the clinic sounds like fun!

  3. Ha, I always take vertical video and then kick myself when I look back at it later. You guys look good! Very organized and team-like. :)

  4. ohh awesome on the new saddle it's lovely!! and i think you'll get that increased adjustability soon- he's starting to put his feet underneath him when he canters, even if he kind of skeeters out around the turns a bit still. I remember going through that phase with wiz- what really helped was lots of shoulder fore. Now when we turn, it's almost the same feeling as a shoulder fore, he'll put more weight on his back end instead of skid around.

    anyway- point is, you really look like you're starting to get a nice rhythmic canter and he didn't rush at all! looks lovely :)

  5. Sounds like a great clinic :)