Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quick Summary

I made it! and I feel like I am still recovering. I forgot how tiring shows can be especially when you stay a night and go XC schooling the next day.

I figured I'd just do a quick summary with a few photos and more in-depth posts to follow. There is a lot to take away from this experience and I'm hoping I can get it all down in order to help me digest it better. So here goes:

  • I ended up trailering the day of the show instead of before. Turns out I just wasn't quite ready in time to go early and as a friend's trailer broke the morning we were leaving it was fortunate I waited because we had to do some quick horse switching to get everybody to the show on time.
  • We got to the show grounds with only about an hour before my ride time so it was literally park the trailer and throw the saddles on and go. But we had some help so it was not nearly as stressful as it could have been.
  • warm-up for dressage was really nice. Loki was actually "low key" for once!
  • We scored a 35! 
  • Our best score was an 8 for our free walk
  • Our worst score was a 5 for our right canter transition (Loki got distracted).
  • Everything else was a mix of 6's and 7's. Overall decent and I think pretty fair for where we are. Still lots of "somewhat on the forehand" comments. It's frustrating but true.
  • Stadium was the opposite of dressage. Loki came out very ramped up and stayed that way.
  • We had a return of the rushing fences for our class as Loki did his best tank impression but he did get better towards the end of the class so that can maybe be a positive.
  • We pulled one rail. I could not for the life of me get Loki to focus on our way to the first jump so when we finally got there he pretty much tripped over it.
  • But we ended up in 5th place overall out of 12-14 riders (can't remember the exact #).
  • Some good and lots of stuff to work on. Isn't that the way it always goes?
I'll probably save XC schooling summary for another night. Suffice to say there is just oh so much to work on but as with stadium things at least did improve as we went along which is certainly better than the reverse!

And before I add a couple of photos I MUST give a shout out to my amazing, awesome, wonderful, etc husband who decided to accompany me to the show at the last minute. If it weren't for him I can assure you the experience would have been much less successful and much more stressful and best of all I wouldn't have any of the following pictures to share with you!

 While I really do like these two photos (the one above and the one below) you can see how heavy Loki can get on my hands.

 I wasn't really thrilled with any of our jumping photos but not really surprised either. I was nervous and Loki was keyed up which sent us spiraling into old habits. But the only way to improve is to just keep pushing ourselves.

We are actually going out of town for a couple of days so I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with everything this week. And I've got a pretty exciting few weekends coming up. Olympian Joe Meyer is coming to the farm this weekend and I'm going to take a couple of lessons. The following weekend is our first recognized event. I honestly don't know if we are really ready for it but ready or not...

I just hope I can keep up with everything!


  1. Sounds like some good came of it all and that's all you can ask for :)

    Great pictures!!

  2. Glad it was overall love stress! Always stuff to work on, but I see a lot to like in the pictures and your description of the show. Have a good trip; I'll look forward to hearing about the XC school!

  3. Round of applause for hubbys who take pictures!! I am so jealous/impressed of your dressage pictures. I want that pretty frame! It's always good to have things to work on post-show, keeps us moving forward right?

  4. Sounds like a great show! Your hubby is a good photographer :)

  5. Wow, those look amazing, and husband of the year for going for the entire thing! That's awesome. Tell your husband he has good timing with the photos!

  6. Sounds like you took a lot away from the show. Love the photos!!

  7. What a gorgeous facility! Congrats on a good show!

  8. Love the photos! Sounds like a great show!

  9. I love that second jumping picture.:-D

  10. Ha see I disagree about those photos- Loki actually looks through and moving into the connection- real connection is pretty heavy. They actually did a study and riders tended to *over estimate* how much "poundage" was in their hands. Wiz is super light in the bridle- but it's really because he never connects, so I get all kinds of comments about needing more connection (on top of being on the forehand lol). It'll take loki time to develop self-carriage (like, a lot of time, and that's ok!) so don't get frustrated- I think it's a big plus that you're getting him to connect and stretch through, and as his strength increases so will his forehand lightness :)

    AKA, the pics look fantastic and a 35 is great :)