Monday, June 2, 2014


Loki and his new buddy, Reata
We went trail riding again Saturday and it was really so much fun. It made me want to elaborate on why I enjoy it so much. I know most of you will already know all of this but just in case there was someone out there who needs a reason to try it. ;) So here are my top 5 reasons to trail ride:

#5 It's always cooler in the shade!
Now that summer is officially upon us and the temps are heating up (I swear I'm not complaining!) it is so nice to ride in the shade. The particular place we've been riding has a very thick canopy of trees and it was easily 10 degrees or more cooler in the shade. Win!

#4 Hill work and fitness made fun!
If you need to get your horse in shape for cross country or pretty much anything else then the trails are definitely the most fun way to do it. And if you are lucky enough to have a place with lots of hills all the better. Loki is going to get that hind end in shape!

#3 A chance to ride with no agenda!
Riding in the sandbox day after day can really get old and lead to burn out if you aren't careful and that is for you and your horse. Going out on the trail where the only agenda is to follow the path in front of you is so refreshing. It's not that I throw all our work out the window but when we are on the trail most of the time I just let Loki be and I'm pretty darn sure he really enjoys it.

#2 Therapy!
This sort of goes along with #3 but for me trail riding is the best therapy. It's relaxing and peaceful. I always come back from a trail ride feeling better than when I started.

And the #1 reason to trail ride is... The company!
Friends! We're a funny combo of short and tall, lol

If you are lucky enough to have good friends to ride with then trail riding is the best! The friends I've been riding with I haven't ridden with in nearly 20 years so it has been extra special. I don't think there is a better way to spend time with a friend than on the back of a horse, especially when you're on the trail!

Don't get me wrong, I still want to event, I still want to work on things and improve but when you can incorporate a good trail ride in the mix of lessons and flatwork, etc then you and your horse will most definitely benefit!

Loki and I are going to hopefully play hunters this weekend as our barn is hosting the local schooling circuit on Saturday. It depends on whether or not the farrier can make it out, though. Loki has a shoe that is starting to come loose. I just don't know if it will make it to the show or not so we'll see.

Happy riding!


  1. Go hunter pony Loki! :) Good luck!

  2. All great reasons for a trail ride! :)

    I notice you have a sponge... is that to cool Loki off?

    1. Yes, we carry sponges on a dog leash so we can dip them in any water we cross and cool the horses off as we go. It is pretty handy. I didn't really need it that day but I wanted Loki to get used to having a sponge dropped off his side.

  3. Those are perfect reasons for a trail ride....hmmmm...can I sneak out of work and go on one right now?

  4. Oh so tempted to trailer out to the forest one weekend soon!!