Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Friday Friday Friday!

I got the word today that my saddle is definitely here in the U.S. in fact it is in Kentucky and has been delivered to my saddle fitter. We have an appointment on Friday and he is bringing it out. I am so excited! I've never purchased a saddle made especially for me and my horse and I sure hope it lives up to my expectations!

Also, I just sent in my entry for my first ever novice level combined test. I'm not 100% sure we are ready for it so I'm entered in beginner novice as well. We'll do that level first and if everything goes well we'll do the novice. Maybe we are starting to grow up? Of course we have midsouth first next weekend. I'm pretty nervous about it but hopefully it will go well. If we can jump like we did at our last show I have lots of hope for us!

Nothing else exciting to report. I've been stuck at home the past two days due to some scheduling conflicts with the family. I can't say I'm too sad as it has rained cats and dogs both days. I'm heading back out to the barn tomorrow. We have a dressage schooling show on the farm this weekend. We're only riding one test just for some practice.
Hopefully we'll be jumping something like this next weekend!