Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy And Broke

They do seem to go hand in hand pretty often!

Well, it's here! My fitter got to the barn promptly at 10:00. When I took the cover off my saddle I got a surprise because I had totally forgotten I added the red piping. I was like "ooooh red!" Ha!

Seriously, it is very pretty!
Score! free leathers! Sadly it looks like I'm going to have to trim them. Dang short legs!
 And it fits Loki like a glove!
I also had D's put on both sides of the saddle for when I trail ride.
My fitter did have to add a little extra flocking to the front of the saddle just behind Loki's withers. Loki was right in between a medium and a medium-narrow and we opted to go with the medium in the hopes that he will eventually build a little more muscle. (We can only hope!)

I can't say that I got on and rode off into the sunset right away. It took some finigaling to get things just so. I had to raise my stirrups three times before I finally hit the "sweet spot." I also paid a little extra to have the thigh blocks attach via Velcro instead of sewn on and I'm sure glad I did. I've moved them around a couple of times and I'm still not sure if they are quite right. Since I don't have a dressage saddle I'll probably take them off all together when we do our dressage tests.

However when it was all said and done I was super pleased! Realistically I know that a new saddle, even one custom fitted, isn't a magical wand that will suddenly make me ride like a pro. However, it is still really exciting to have a saddle that actually fits! Also, I really can't say how happy I am that I went with Black Country. The quality is every bit as nice as the French saddles I've looked at (in my opinion) and literally cost half the $$ (and that half was painful enough!). My point is if you are on a limited budget but still really want that custom feel of a nicely made saddle you really should check Black Country out.

Hopefully I'll get pictures of me in the saddle soon but most likely not until the weekend after next when we are at the KYHP for Midsouth Pony Club Rally. This weekend we have a dressage schooling show.


  1. How exciting. Beautiful saddle!

  2. new saddles are always exciting. I love the red piping.

  3. I love the red welting! It is gorgeous! I kind of wish I had had rear D's put on mine for trail riding too. I hadnt even thought of it.

  4. Nice saddle! Happy you have it finally :)

  5. Wow, that is gorgeous -- and clever with the extra dees!

  6. So exciting!! I love the red!

  7. It looks super comfortable! Congrats!