Saturday, June 7, 2014


Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes success looks like a blue ribbon and sometimes success simply means making it around the full course without dying. Well today Loki and I enjoyed all kinds of success!

We got our very first blue ribbon!
We started out doing the last 2'-2'3" division as our warm-up. I'm definitely glad we did a warm-up because we really needed it. He didn't want to listen at first and he stopped at one fence for no good reason but it wasn't terrible, he wasn't running wild with me and he was semi-listening to my half-halts so we decided to go ahead and enter the entire 2'6-2'9" division.

This was his very first flat class and he did okay. He got a little upset when we got passed by another horse zooming around but for the most part he listened and kept a pretty even tempo. We ended up in third because he blew his right lead and he took a few strides too long to come back down to the walk and trot but still I definitely thought of it as a success because I don't think we could've done that a year ago.

Next up were the over fences classes and the first course rode amazing, easily the best jump round we have ever had. I'll admit I was surprised that we got a first because we blew our right lead again (twice!) but at a schooling show the competition isn't very fierce. There were six other horses in the class, though, so I still feel like it was legit.

The second over fences class wasn't quite as nice as the first one because once again Loki blew his right lead. I'm not sure what was up with that. We usually don't have trouble with our leads but for whatever reason he just absolutely refused to pick it up in the far left corner of the arena. (We will probably be schooling that this week!) We had a small little battle of wills when I made him stop and pick up the correct lead but after that the course flowed fairly nicely and we did get one flying change. So we ended up with another first place!

Two firsts and a third put us as Grand Champions for the division! Holy cow, our very first first place ribbon and a Grand Champion in one day that is pretty cool!
But the real success is we got around course without going crazy. I actually had brakes and a horse that actually listened to my half-halts 90% of the time. I wasn't getting left behind over the fences and we actually felt mostly in-sync. 

Now if we can just repeat that at our next horse trial it will truly be a HUGE SUCCESS! Granted this was a home show so not quite the same feel as when we go away from home but hopefully we'll still be able to build on it.

Sadly I have no pictures. :(  My husband had to go with my son to a boy scout event and since this was a home schooling show it didn't seem that important to get pictures. Of course now I kind of wish I had gotten some but oh well. I do plan on getting pictures of him with his ribbons later this week, though, because you know you want to record these things!
Old picture but one of my favorites. I really do love this guy!


  1. Congrats! That is awesome on so many levels :)

  2. Congratulations!!! SO glad for you and Loki! :D

  3. Congratulations! What an awesome day!

  4. there are never pictures when you do your best!! and always pictures when you're messing up... haha. glad to hear you had a successful outing, looking forward to meeting you guys! (not looking forward to competing against you ha)

  5. Congrats to you and Loki!! Sounds like a great show for you both!!

  6. Congrats! Great job!