Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Wall

I've hit it, that proverbial wall that just sometimes stops you in your tracks.

I was supposed to show again today and didn't. Part of that is because Ghazal had some medical issues:

i.e. he tried to rip the underside of his face off
 It wasn't really an emergency-emergency. It wasn't even bleeding by the time I got to the barn but on top of this lovely wound his face is also swollen. The right side above his eye and a large swelling under his neck just above the cut. He also has these:
Just weird
I'm not sure what these are but he has a couple of them on his face. They are perfect circles. It almost looks as though someone burned him with a cigarette.
Everything itches Mom
Honestly he looks pretty dang miserable. My sister is going to start keeping him in during the day to at least limit his exposure to insects but I'm just not 100% sure if that is really the issue. I do think he is allergic to something, though. I'll have the vet out a.s.a.p. and I'm going to see about getting him a steroid shot. The vet had mentioned it to me before. It's certainly not a long-term solution but I'm hoping it will at least get him some relief while we try to figure out something more sustainable that we can do to help him. Poor guy! :(

But honestly, even with all that I could have still made it to the show but I chose to hang out with my sis instead. It was really nice to just hang and chat, much needed! Even before I got the call about Ghazal I was literally dragging myself to the car to get going. I don't know, I guess all the events of the past week or so have just finally caught up with me and kicked my derriƩr. And four shows in a row, I have decided, are just too much. Even though two of those shows were schooling shows at home I'm still just worn out and I think Loki needs a break too.

My trainer is trying to plan another event in August but unfortunately there are none really close by in the time frame we need. She's talking about going to Richland Park in Tennessee. It's about five hours from here. I was looking into it and calculated that between the entry fees, trailering fees and schooling fees it would be almost $700! for ONE show! and that doesn't even include food, bedding, etc. I just don't know how anyone can afford to do more than one or two events in a year.

So that won't be happening for us. Instead I foresee lots of trail riding and maybe a couple of local schooling shows in our future. Mostly I am okay with that. I do wish I could go just to get more miles on Loki and myself but I know we will still have fun this summer and Jump Start is the plan for September.

And just to leave us with a happier note:
Pixel has bat ears after her bath :)


  1. Sorry to hear about G, hopefully vet has ideas to help the dude out.
    Pixie is (as always) adorable!
    Rest, relaxation & fine tuning with Loki soundsds like a great plan for summer after a busy spring :-D

  2. Awh man, itchy problems really stink. :( Red did something very similar when he had a reaction to fly spray!

  3. The area under Ghazal's chin looks like aggressive fly bites and a reaction to me. And maybe a lot of rubbing of the area on something not so horse friendly. You might try SWAT, which has fly repellant in a "Vaseline" base, on the areas where flies like to bite, but horses really can't get to. I know Ashke finds relief that way.

    Hope the vet can find a reason for the marks on his face. I really hate the idea of someone using your horse for an ashtray.

    Sometimes what we need is a chance to re-energize our batteries. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. I know that wall. Sometimes slowing down is just what we need. I did email you. Did you get it?

  5. Hope G's face heals up and you can figure out what's going on... Horses!!

  6. I second the swat recommendation! An unknown type of bug has been going after Apollo's sheath area this year and swat has been a lifesaver. Hope your pony is on the mend soon :)

  7. Poor baby :-( I hope Ghazal feels better soon!

  8. Poor guy!! Hope everything heals up and gets better soon!

  9. Hope Ghazal is feeling better! That's about what my weekend away shows cost and it is PAINFUL.

  10. Jump Start is next on my list as well! (yeah I have no idea how people do more than one event a season, which is basically what I do haha!) It's frustrating because Wiz and I could probably progress much better if we had the money to go to more events, but it's so expensive :\ hopefully we'll both make it to jump start and have a better weekend than last time! Sorry about gazal I hope he gets better! Scotty, the old mustang I leased, would scratch himself to death everywhere and get all kinds of weird bumps. I just had to keep him wrapped up in fly gear 24/7. He got fly boots, fly mask with ears and long nose, and fly sheet with a tail flap and neck cover... poor guy!