Monday, July 21, 2014


From May Daze. I wish his knees were up and my form was better but this was such a fun fence!
Sorry for the long bout of silence over here. Just a little heads up that I will probably be a little infrequent in blogging for a while. I just need a little computer detox for a while. I'll still be on just not as much.

Jay and I went to his Dad's memorial service this weekend and it was tough. I am a very introverted person and spending several hours in a room full of people I don't know is just about one of the most exhausting things ever. It was tough in other ways as well but also good for Jay and me. There were definitely some moments of joy and laughter mixed in.

In the other direction from Ohio E and Loki had a good time at their event. Loki put in a very good dressage test. He only scored a 40.2 but from what E. and my trainer said it was really nice. That put him tied for 9th. Then E. and Loki managed a double clear in stadium! Putting them in 5th. I was so excited to hear because I haven't even managed a double clear round yet this season. E. texted me a picture and told me how great Loki is/was and that he totally saved her butt a few times. Good boy!

Unfortunately, the good news ended there as E. missed a fence on XC and was technically eliminated. Loki also had one refusal before that. E. was able to school the course afterwards though and said Loki was awesome. He was just very strong for her during the actual XC run and even though I tried to warn her she still wasn't quite prepared for how strong he really gets. But, she was still pretty happy with him and learned a lot. And hey they both came home in one piece which was really my only concern!

Trail riding tomorrow!! Dressage schooling show on Saturday. (We're going to ride the Novice B test for something different.) And, hopefully XC schooling somewhere different next Wednesday.


  1. Yay for E & Loki, it deff sounds like a fun outing was had by all.
    Hope your computer detox goes well - will miss you!

  2. Glad the experience for E and Loki went well! And enjoy the detox and trail!

  3. The jump is just not big enough for his knees to be up! Same way Penny jumps...nice and round over the back :)