Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Seriously cutest pony ever!
Just wanted to wish all of my American friends a Happy 4th of July. Of course I hope all my non-American friends had a happy 4th too even if it was less eventful. :)

This was one of the best 4th experiences I've ever had. An usual cold front came through on Thursday and dropped the temps to a high of 73 so when we went to watch the fireworks that night it was in the 60s. No bugs + not sweating to death = WIN!

My kids marched in the parade today which I guess was televised nationally on Fox. My son was in the boyscouts helping to carry a ginormous flag and my daughter marched with the elementary school aged cheerleaders, so cute!

But the only pictures I took all day were these:
Seriously the cutest pony ride operation I've ever seen. The horses were in fantastic condition with good feet and super shiny coats. It's nice to see an operation with animals so obviously well cared for. I really wanted to take the Haflinger home and the little white mini. Heck, honestly I wish I had room for all of them!

Happy 4th!