Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Endings!

At least I'm crossing my fingers for a few! Here's the happenings:

FFI mare, Market Genius, a.k.a. Ginny and our FFI intern E. at their first event.
  1. I've had a couple of really good rides on Loki. It's amazing how much things improve when I a) stop gripping with my knee and put my leg on and b) sit up! My trainer would roll her eyes at me about now because she literally yells at me to do these things all the time so duh! But, for some reason I feel like I've really improved in both the past couple of rides. I feel like part of the improvement is thinking more about keeping my leg on for support than thinking about not gripping with my knee. 

  2. I am going to let our intern E. take a lesson on Loki tomorrow. If it goes well she is going to ride him at an event the weekend after next. She entered the event on Ginny (pictured above) but Ginny just went out on a trial for 30 days most likely to be adopted, which is a good thing, but that has left her without a horse to ride as none of our other FFI horses are quite ready to go beginner novice just yet. Loki needs the miles and I don't have the money to do another event so hopefully it will be a win-win.

  3. Speaking of trial contracts. We've had 3 horses go out on trial this month! That is awesome! A fourth was officially adopted this month as well. The more horses we get adopted out the more we can take in. FFI does not have huge turnaround in horses. We definitely take our time to put training and miles on our horses and we take our time in finding the right match. If someone comes out to try a horse and my trainer says it's not a good match then that's that. However, it is still really great to get horses moving through!
Logan (the first FFI horse I ever rode) is going out on trial this month! Makes my heart so happy! This guy has been with us for at least two years. He raced a very long time and at 12 even though he is a good egg and perfectly sound it's been hard to find him a home. He's a good boy but very forward. Can you believe he's going to a lady in her 70s? She's ridden him several times and they just seem to click. Good luck buddy you so deserve a happy ending!

That's about it over here. Sorry not much in the way of pictures. (I think I say that a lot, oops!) Things are slowing down on the horse front for a while. Spring shows have pretty much wiped out my horse budget for a while. But, I'm hoping to get to trail riding again soon and I'm really looking forward to it! Oh and one more thing. As far as goals go this month my biggest one is to update my blog appearance. Hello! We are waaaaay past winter!


  1. Yay for good rides! Nothing feels better than that :)

  2. Good horses to good homes! Must be awesome to see!

  3. What wonderful news to hear that the FFI horses are generating interest and hopefully finding new forever homes!
    best of luck to E & Loki at the event - hopefully you can go along and be proud owner/photographer for the day so that we can all partake in the fun!

    1. PS - love the vibrant lemon layout :D