Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Things

I finally got around to changing the blog design a bit. I must admit I get a little lazy about this and as nice as it would be to have everything custom it's just soooo much easier to use some of the preset templates, other than my header, but hey at least it's a little new for a while. :)

I had the most fun lesson today! I got to ride the pony!
Pony's name is actually Gracie but all the ponies that we get out at the farm always end up being called Pony. I guess because we only ever have one pony at a time. I believe she's a Welsh. She's super cute and very spunky. Her regular rider (pictured above) does pretty well with her but she's been riding for quite a while. This is definitely not really a "kid's" pony.

I had a blast on her, though, and we jumped up to about 2'6". At first I was a little doubtful that she'd be able to jump that high with me but pony's got a BIG jump! She was super honest if a little wiggly. And it was a good lesson for me because I had to be super careful where I put my weight as it was easy to influence her balance unlike another horse I ride all the time (Loki!). For some reason riding a small horse like this makes me feel really brave and honestly I felt ready for Rolex after our lesson. :D
Pretty much the opposite of Loki and me!

As I was riding I couldn't help but wonder is this how WFP feels riding his horses?
When the size ratio between horse and rider isn't so great a lot of things are soooo much easier. Sure, I could still come off but that pony really wasn't going anywhere without my say so which is probably where the burst of confidence came from.

E. rode Loki and they did pretty well together. Loki is not an easy horse to ride but E. stuck with him and they got around a pretty tight course of 2'6" to maybe a bit higher fences. It was very educational to watch another amateur rider ride him in a lesson. I know a lot of horse owners don't like to let other people ride their horses but it was a really good learning opportunity for me. E. struggled with a lot of the same things I do but getting a real visual of what's happening gave me some ideas of what else I need to work on.

I asked E. if she was still thinking of taking Loki to the event and she said she wasn't sure. I don't blame her she's only ridden him once and he is pretty mellow on the farm compared to how he is at a show. I told her she could ride him a few more times when I'm not riding to help her decide. So we'll see.


  1. I like the new look! I am 6 feet tall now but I rode an amazing shetland pony named Lucy when I was little (and shorter). She taught me a lot!

  2. Looks good! Are those lemons? If so, I really like! :-)

  3. It looks nice! I always like to watch other people ride my horses to (as long as they get along with them).

  4. Pretty new design! I love ponies. I have always been 'too tall' to ride them...even though I mostly ignore that. :)

  5. Changing your blog design is like moving furniture around in a room . . . it's fun and makes the place look different for a while.

    Ashke hates having any one else ride him, and since I'm not really interested in showing, it's not something that I need to have happen. My trainer used to ride him and he would fight and fight and hate the process, even if she was just trying to show me something.

  6. Sounds like fab fun - pony swapping can be great fun and super beneficial for all involved, so long as Jodi says, everyone gets along. I love watching others ride my horses, especially as you say to see how they overcome the same or similar problems that i run in to - plus I am very low on the amateur rider stakes. So whenever someone more experienced wants to ride my horses and makes them look 10x better than anything i can do - it pushes me to work harder & continue to try bettering myself & my knowledge/experiences!

  7. Ponies are pretty fun until they go all pony on your ass. ;-)

  8. I love swapping horses (but don't seem to get to ride the ponies anymore- whomp, whomp)

  9. love the new layout, it's easier on the eyes!