Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Winning And Losing

It's amazing how often winning and losing happen at the exact same time. That's kind of how my weekend went and sometimes my life in general seems to follow this pattern.
Happy ears
Some friends and I loaded up the trailers and went to a mini trial on Sunday. It was called the "Backyard Horse Trial" and it pretty much lived up to its name. I had a blast though. Loki was so good, probably the best he's been at a show to date.

I didn't ride the greatest for our dressage test and the arena was literally formed by poles laying on the ground so we almost jumped out twice. That will rattle you! I never even did see my test but apparently it was good enough to put us in 2nd place. Not our best by far but could've been worse.

Warm up for XC was a total zoo. Four fences side by side with two being jumped in one direction and the other two being jumped in the opposite direction put a whole new spin on crazy for warm-up. Unfortunately there was one accident. I didn't see it but a girl came off and did not move. They eventually took her out in an ambulance and I haven't heard anything since. I really hope that she is okay. That happened right before Loki and I went out on course and it rattled me pretty well so our first three or four fences weren't the best. I was very tense but we made it over and then got on a roll. I was actually able to let him out and run. It was so much fun!
Stadium was a very small course, only 7 jumps with a very easy design. So I really have no excuse for this but somehow I skipped a fence! We were rolling and everything was going so smoothly that I think I just got too happy. When the judge blew the whistle I knew immediately what I'd done. DUH!!! Oh well, we would've been in second but instead we got the big E.

But overall it was so much of a win. My horse is sound, we were working well together and it was just a beautiful day. The ribbon would've been nice but honestly it was kind of funny. You just gotta laugh at yourself sometimes!
I think we might need some bigger things to jump!
Sadly, this is it for us for the year and possibly for quite a while. I think next year we will try to do some more mini-trials but the big events are just too expensive for us right now. In many ways the mini-trials are a lot more fun. You get everything done in one day rather than sitting around waiting. At our level doing everything in one day is very doable.


  1. You guys look great :) I'm glad it was a good experience, despite the E!

  2. Oh I HATE it when I go off course! I've done that more times than I care to admit ;)

  3. You guys look super, bummer about the E, but it has happened to us all in one way or another. Your attitude is winning!

  4. I have gone off course so many times that my non-horsey father forced me to start learning courses better.

    And hey, I'll never afford recognized events either. Schooling shows are fun too.

  5. Sounds like so much fun (minus the girl getting hurt), and it's always better to walk away feeling great about life than any ribbon.

  6. sounds like a super fun experience - sorry about the 'e' but glad it was so enjoyable and Loki was doing so well! this kind of show is pretty much all i do at this point, but they are still a blast :)

  7. Nothing wrong with schooling shows!

  8. I go off course like... every time ha. and I didn't know you were blogging again- he looks so happy!