Monday, October 27, 2014

Breakdown: The Good

My life has been a whirlwind lately. I'm so sorry for my inconsistency and for not keeping up with everything but on the other hand I've really been blessed lately so I can't feel too badly!

I wanted to take a couple of posts to go through the things I love and not so much love where Loki and I are right now. And of course starting with the good!

The thing I'm most excited about when looking at the pictures from our XC school is my leg. It has seriously come a long way.

Honestly as I look through most of the photos my leg looks really solid. It isn't swinging. For someone who has really been struggling with pinching with my knee this is a big success!

 It does still get (probably) too forward at times:
But this has been intentional on my part, sort of a reflex for when I feel a little insecure about a jump. I figure it is way harder to fall off the back of your horse than the front.

We went XC schooling again today (sadly no camera this time) and it was another big success. Loki and I jumped a training level trakehner! It was seriously bad *ss!! We only jumped it once. My trainer said it looked like he backed off just a tiny bit and we wanted to end on a great note and revisit the next time. I seriously have been so incredibly happy with my horse lately!

We did have one boo moment. The first time we went to jump the red table again Loki swung out and blew right by it. It was really weird I knew he was going to do it way before hand but I still just couldn't get him locked on. There didn't seem to be any good reason for it either and the second time around he jumped it beautifully. It was one of those things that makes you wonder. Hopefully it was just an aberration. 

Also it was at least 78 degrees today. So beautiful! And Loki got what will most likely be his last bath of the year.

Stay tuned for "the bad." :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I've Got Photos!!

Okay, I'm sorry that I've disappeared once again but I've come to realize that is just how life is right now for me, busy, busy, busy! Plus, there just hasn't been a whole lot, horse wise, to write about. I did have a lesson with Joe Meyer that was absolutely amazing but no photographer. It get so boring writing about something without any photographic evidence. But, today I cajoled my husband to come out and play camera man while we went XC schooling. This was the result:
Uh, when did my horse get to be so beefy?

I don't have a ton of time so just some very quick thoughts. 1. I had a blast! 2. I feel like I rode better at our last XC school but I'm still overall happy with how we did. 3. I know there is still a lot to improve especially getting my hands to go more forward and follow. 4. It's okay to be happy with Loki and myself, we've worked hard and just because we aren't 100% where I'd like us to be doesn't mean we can't celebrate where we are now. (I had to write that part for myself, it's so easy to get super critical!)