Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Update: It feels like spring!

Hey Guys,

I'm still alive! I just thought I'd do a quick update of what's been happening in my world and why I've been so quiet. Here goes:

  • Most of December was spent with one or more family members with the flu. Literally I spent at least two and a half weeks at home nursing someone.
  • Christmas was good!
  • I got to have dinner with KAREN O'CONNER at the USEA Area VIII annual meeting!
  • Finally started a regular riding schedule just this week and also discovered that Loki does indeed have a buck in him.
And that pretty much sums up what the past two months have been like. We had two bouts of the flu go through our ranks. The first bout was just fever, aches and pains, etc. The second was a stomach bug and I can honestly say it has been years and years since I've been that sick. So because of all that, the weather and scheduling conflicts Loki got a very long winter vacation over the past two months. Literally there has been nothing to write about.

For Christmas Loki got a new fleece cooler from Smartpak and a Rambo rain sheet called a "mack in the sack."
I doubt it will get a ton of use but I did one show in the rain last year and I would have really loved to have had this then. Knowing Murphy I'll never get rained on at a show again... but then that would be kind of nice and still worth it. :)

And finally I got this:
 Love it!

Yes, I really did have dinner with Karen O'Conner and it was so fun. Basically what happened is my trainer and I decided to sit in the back at the meeting mostly because all the other tables were full. To our surprise Dorothy Crowell and her husband sat down at our table. Dorothy is a pretty big time eventer based in our area and her husband used to be Karen's groom. Dorothy heckled Karen throughout her speech and it was pretty funny. Afterwards Karen sat down at our table. She told some pretty awesome stories but what was really cool is she included us in the conversation just like we were all friends. Definitely something worth remembering.

And finally I did start riding regularly again this past week. The weather was super cold last week and the farm was literally one sheet of ice. Because of that the horses were stuck inside for four days. They got to take turns in the indoor but that was it. Subsequently my first couple of rides on Loki were a little wild. He wasn't really bad but yeah, he really can buck if he wants to. Although, his bucks sort of felt like he was just flopping leads so they aren't all that big of a deal but it was funny. By day three he was much better, still pounding the ground a little harder than necessary with his front feet but better and the last two days he's been very good. It's also been much warmer the past few days. It almost feels like spring today.

My goal from here on out is to write one blog post a week so if anyone is still reading I'll hopefully be more consistent from here on out!


  1. Glad to hear that Karen is as cool in real life as she seems!

  2. yay you come back!! I knew you would eventually :) I've had that issue too, trying to keep up with the reading and writing...!

  3. Still here and still reading! Glad to hear from you. That is so cool about KOC! My trainer went, but I did not.

  4. I was down with the same flu bug. Had both versions at the same time, then 2 days later my boyfriend went down with just the stomach version. I cannot recall the last time I was that sick?!?! It was awful! Glad you all are feeling better!

  5. Karen is awesome! I've seen her really let her hair down at farm parties in Ocala, always fun to find out our idols are in fact human:)

  6. so cool about dinner with Karen - and glad to hear things are getting back to a normal routine!

  7. Still reading (if a little belatedly commenting)!!!
    How awesome to be able to hang out with Karen O'Conner