Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weather Is A Psychopath

I'm feeling a little disgruntled this week. Seriously I feel like I could be in a picket line somewhere protesting one of life's many inequalities. I still love my life. It's still full and good and all that but man, sometimes things just suck and just sort of get to you, you know.

My tummy hurts Mom. :(
This mainly has to do with this completely shitty weather. I mean 50s over the past weekend and dipping down to the single digits Monday night culminating with a negative 9 with wind chill this morning! up down up down a yo yo on steroids. Of course the real reason I'm upset about the weather is because Loki was just a bit colic-y on Monday. It wasn't really enough to be scary but it was definitely enough to make me concerned. I didn't even notice it at first until I was watching him in the cross ties and he kept stretching out like he was going to pee only not peeing. So I took him out to find what little green grass there is and let him graze a bit and the barn peeps kept an eye on him for the rest of the day. He was fine by Wednesday but it just emphasizes how crappy this weather has been. This is the first time since I've had him that Loki has ever acted like his stomach was bothering him in any way.

So I've pretty much been in an irritable mood all week. Little things that don't normally bother me much are driving me crazy, things that I don't normally spend that much time thinking about. For instance isn't anyone else completely over the fact that if you put a horse logo on something the price immediately quadruples? Ugh, I'm so tired of over-priced crap just because it's for a horse. Another thing is saddles. It's so annoying/depressing/maddening that a pro can buy a saddle for literally half the price anyone else pays for it. I know, I know it's a great marketing strategy but seriously I'm going to do my best to stop buying things simply because so and so big name rider/trainer has it and do my best to find economical alternatives. Just because they say "it's the best" doesn't really mean it's "the best."

Anyways, it's mid-February which means Spring can't be too far away right? I'm in serious need of a long, relaxing trail ride.


  1. So sorry to hear that the weather has been causing Loki to feel unwell, fingers crossed for spring and summer weather soon so that everyone can have the funsies again asap.

  2. I know the feeling on so many counts. Sorry to hear about Loki' s colic, that's always scary. Spring is coming, or at least that's what I keep telling myself, ahead of tomorrow's winter storm...

  3. So glad Loki's okay! Joining you in the hope for spring...someday...surely it will be spring someday, right? Right? Bueller?

  4. hope Loki is feeling better soon! i definitely feel ya on the winter weather blues too....

  5. I'm so ready to be back in the saddle... and probably so is my boyfriend! You definitely get more cranky when you can't get out and ride. I hope Loki feels better!

  6. Ugh. I am really upset with Mother Nature right now. I haven't seen Miles since last Wednesday and I probably won't be out until the weekend, when I can manage to be in the barn for more than 10 minutes without getting frostbite. #Sucks

  7. I too am over the weather. Glad Loki is feeling better. We had a colic scare last week with my youngest 's pony. I think ours had mostly to do with moving and the cold combined. Speaking of moving I am not sure exactly where you live but I thought it was Dayton area. We just moved to Waynesville. Our new place is across the street from Ceasars Creek lake and horse trails. I don't know if you ever ride out here but if you do or would like to I have extra stalls and am looking for since trail buddies. Contact me

    1. Waynesville is a really nice area and fairly close to me too. Unfortunately we are moving out of state sometime this summer. Maybe we can meet up for a trail ride sometime though. That would be fun!