Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Once again I have sort of disappeared for a while but honestly I couldn't stand to read or write about one more blah blah I hate winter blah blah post! I'm sure we're all pretty sick of it. Then that magical thing called Spring happened in southern Ohio and I kept meaning to get on here to update on the goings on but stuff just kept happening. So here I finally am and here is what has been going on:

On Friday the 6th the vet came out and gave all of our FFI horses and Loki their spring shots as well as checking all their teeth. Loki is due for a float in the somewhat near future. It was still really, really cold and holding horses in the cold is not so fun. However, afterwards Jay and I went skiing and that WAS fun, lots of it. And I have thought of one thing that can relate between skiing and horseback riding. Skiing will definitely teach you to keep your weight in your heels or at least not in your toes. Ask me how I know! Honestly, I did pretty good for only my 5th time ever skiing. I only fell twice!

Just after that Friday the great thaw began culminating in a really lovely 71 degrees on Monday. We've actually been able to use the outdoor arena again! Of course it is mud city everywhere and it has gotten a bit colder now just in the high 40's low 50's but I'm  not complaining, I swear! I actually got one really good lesson finally. Loki and I jumped a few little cross rails and even though he did get a little fast to a bunch of them he was mostly really well behaved. Not bad for not having even looked at a jump in the past three months.

The farrier came out this past Monday and I went ahead and put shoes back on the Mr. and with all the mud I also went ahead and invested in some bell boots.
Already been through the mud!
Unfortunately the past few days Loki has looked like this:
He doesn't look nearly as bad when going to the other side. Nobody was around for me to be able to watch him trotting to and from. I'm definitely worried because honestly he's been a little off and on all winter. Not quite to this degree but sometimes just not quite right either. He usually works right out of it (most likely some arthritis) but I'm going to go ahead and have the vet out. I'm actually waiting for a return call to find out when he can come. I can't figure out what is bothering him. There is no heat anywhere that I can tell and he doesn't seem to be exceptionally in pain. But I guess that is why we have the vet out.

There is a bunch of other stuff going on as well mostly related to our upcoming move this summer. I've already figured out that this summer is not going to go the way I imagined. I don't think we'll get to show at all. Money is going to be very tight for us for now so things like showing are just going to have to take a backseat for a while.

If you have a moment send good thoughts Loki's way! Even if we can't do much or any showing I am hoping to do a lot of trail riding and schooling, take advantage of being near my trainer and friends while I can. Hopefully Loki won't be out of commission too long.


  1. oh no! horses always have such a knack for timing don't they... my friend's ottb was on and off lame for a couple weeks this winter and it turned out to just be thrush... hopefully Loki's case is equally simple and that he's better soon!

  2. Awh :( Red was lame last week and the week before, turned out to be deep succulus thrush! His trot looked just like that. I used ToMorrow for it and he cleared right up and is 100% now. I hope it ends up being a small deal for you and Loki!!

  3. Glad you are back!! Hopfully Loki is back at it in no time!!

  4. That's no good. :-( Hope he feels better soon.

  5. Hope he feels better soon - best of luck with the summer plans. Lap up the pony time!

  6. Sorry to hear the boy isn't feeling so good! Hopefully it's an easy fix. :)

  7. I'm happy to see you back posting but sorry to read the content, both on the lameness front and the showing front. You seem to have your head on straight about both though. Best of luck with the lameness issue, I hope it's an easy resolution.

  8. Fingers crossed that it's something small!