Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rolex Blast & What's In Store

My sister and I had a great time at Rolex this weekend. One of the best times I've had. It was so much fun to just stay in a hotel instead of driving back and forth. We got to relax, shop and see amazing ponies. It just doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

The only down side was Saturday was really crappy weather, cold and wet. So we didn't see as much of the XC course as we normally would've but since we could go back and see a lot of it online I don't feel like we missed out too much.

Laine Ashker and Anthony Patch

Sadly, I believe this is Emily Cammock & Dambala. Dambala suffered a major
injury and had to be put down on Sunday.
 Sunday was by far the best day. We got amazing seats for show jumping and were able to see all the things!
Our view

Boyd Martin & Cracker Jack

Philip Dutton & I forget which horse.

Michael Jung (Truly an amazing equestrian & athlete) & Fischerrocana FST

William Fox Pitt & Bay My Hero

Michael Jung & La Biosthetique Sam

Tim Price & Wesko (absolutely gorgeous horse)
In all a pretty awesome weekend. Plus my shopping was fairly moderate. I still spent a lot more than I intended considering the move and many many expenses coming up in the future. I got a new Stubben girth, new leathers that were about 54% off on Sunday and one sweatshirt. My sister came home with a bunch of really cool stuff including new, beautiful Lorenzini stirrups which she kindly let me try out yesterday.
Sadly my camera settings were off so you really can't see the
coolness that were our stirrups but believe me they were super cool!
Jay is graduating soon and we are getting ready to take a trip up to New York to look at houses, schools and barns. Lots of exciting, scary, sad and other overwhelming emotional things are heading our way soon. My next post should be about finding a new barn and how do you choose when no choice is going to give you everything you want for a price you can afford? 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moving On

It's the last weekend of April guys and you know what that means...

Heck yeah!

For a Christmas present my sister bought us tickets for Friday-Sunday and is paying for us to stay in a hotel so we don't have to drive back and forth. I'm very excited!

Eventing, especially at the upper-levels, is in need of some change. There have been too many accidents, too many deaths and that does put a damper on it for me but I still love this sport and I'm super hopeful that we will begin to see some positive changes that will help to improve the safety of the sport at all levels. And hopefully they aren't limited to weird name changes like Equestrathon!

Sporting my OTTB shirt and blue breeches and sadly messy hair.

In other news I've started riding "normally" again. Loki has been super-duper sound (that's a technical term) and so we finally started a bit of jumping last week. In fact we took the trailer out for it's inaugural haul all the way to Lexington to jump school at Masterson Station. It was incredibly beautiful and Loki was incredibly good and on it. He is really growing up guys. We can now have a balanced counter to the jump about 85% of the time. The other 15% is usually because I've forgotten to ride for it. Of course I have no pictures from the school but I do have a couple of meh ones from a few days before.

Something very interesting on the ground

The best thing was Loki was still totally sound the next day and the day after that and has been sound since. We've done a few other things here and there but nothing exciting enough to write about much. I do think that if we are able to make it to an event this year we have a good chance of actually being successful. Well... our flat work is in need of some serious TLC but our jumping is much improved at least. I'm hoping we can make it to Midsouth Pony Club. It's on my birthday so we'll see.

Anyways more exciting things later. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's Big!

Equine Affair Ohio was this past Thursday through today. My sister and I headed up yesterday. We arrived around 10:30 and didn't leave until 4:00. And I didn't buy one thing the entire day other than food. However, I did pick up a very big something that I bought a few weeks ago and have been waiting for it to arrive.
It's so pretty!
We finally bit the bullet and bought our next horse trailer. Honestly, I am feeling terribly guilty (and excited of course). It's so much and so nice and so... much!
We took the mats out to check out the floors and make sure everything was looking good.
I got a few custom things added to it such as a door that goes from the horse area to the tack area (very handy if you ever camp in your trailer which I often do at events) and extra horse ties on the outside.
Interior door
If we weren't moving this summer I would have gone much longer without having my own trailer. Between my trainer and my sister I would have always had a ride if needed but constantly moving to a new place, never knowing for sure what it will be like or who you will meet... It just makes having your own set of wheels so much more important.
So I am now on a very tight budget for the rest of the summer, year, many years... who knows. We bought new so we could finance but the plan is to pay it off early and as soon as possible. Hopefully things will work out that way. It's hard to know for sure with the move and not knowing where we'll live and so many things. We're going to be taking a trip up to West Point in a few weeks to look at houses, schools and barns. Maybe I'll have a better idea then.

But even though I probably won't be doing much showing this summer I am hoping to take the new trailer out for many trail rides and local stuff. After all you gotta break it in!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Waiting Is So Very Hard To Do

I'm sorry for being away for so long again. I wrote many posts in my head over the past week or so but never got around to actually writing them because I've just been in this limbo/pins and needles place waiting to hear the worst. I'm not sure there are too many things I hate more than waiting!

Here is the news on Loki:

This is NOT a chip. This part is great news! It is mineralization in the bone, however, not so great news. What does that mean? Well basically it is some arthritic changes. This sounds horrible to me but my vet was pretty positive. It's small and it isn't in a location to cause lots of problems. It's not a fragment from a fracture which means there most likely isn't any loose pieces floating around damaging the cartilage in the joint. (Keep in mind that I am simply relaying my understanding of our conversation. I'm sure I'm missing some of the finer points, etc.) The bottom line is my vet doesn't feel that surgery is something we should rush into right now. *Big ol' Happy Dance* Seriously, with the move coming up and everything else going on I wasn't sure how we were going to pay for this.

For now we are simply going to monitor how he is doing. He's not lame now and he wasn't really lame when the vet looked at him. My vet is actually more concerned with his hocks as that is where he seems the most sore. If he starts to feel worse or if something changes we will have to reevaluate but for now we'll just carry on.

I will be making some adjustments to our training schedule/routine. Less jumping and collection work. I will also be very careful about making sure he is warmed up properly and using my BoT wraps to keep his joints nice and warm before and after we work out. Stuff like that.

Sorry so long. I tried to keep it brief and to the point. I have some exciting news coming next week. I can't wait to share!

BTW Happy (late) Easter!