Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Recap

Oops! I meant to post this yesterday but we had a house full of five kids. I got a little distracted...

So, the show. The rain! OMG it rained, it rained buckets of buckets of rain on Saturday. It was absolutely crazy. However, it did not rain while I was in the saddle. It was like a magical anti-rain shield around me. But in between dressage and stadium it was like we were living in a sea.


I don't have any pictures or video of our dressage test. It didn't rain while we were riding but it was very threatening the entire time so not many cameras out. Our test was okay. We scored a 33.8. I would say the judge was pretty generous. That score put us in 9th place. Our biggest issue with the test turned out to be bending. There was a monster hiding out by letter F and I didn't really ride that circle. Instead of really putting my leg on and making him move over I let him counter-bend. I think if my trainer had been able to warm us up we would've done better but she was riding her XC test. As it was I was mostly happy, though. Loki was very steady in the bridle. All of our scores were either 6.5 or 7s.
Nice & relaxed after our tests right before the skies opened up.

We had nearly 5 hours between dressage and stadium and like I said earlier it rained and rained the entire time. By the time the ring was open for us to walk our course I was so wet that I could feel water dripping down my legs into my socks. It was pretty darn miserable and all I wanted to do was go home to be honest. But my trainer and my husband talked me through it. We went back to the trailer to change and get dry and just sat listening to the rain for a while.

Finally it was time to get saddled up and wouldn't you know it but the rain stopped! Loki felt really good for warm-up. He was listening and on. My trainer's only complaint was that I needed more horse. I felt as prepared for stadium as I ever have. The course was extremely twisty and my biggest concern was simply remembering which way to go.

When it was our turn I had a different horse. Loki wasn't nearly as bad as he's been in the past but still there weren't a lot of brakes while on course. However, I was able to ride it so much better. I didn't panic and start immediately pulling on his mouth and I actually remembered to put my leg on some of the time. Still the round didn't look great. We tried really hard to bring down a couple of rings but they just weren't having it. They all stayed up and we finished inside the time! I had a pretty big grin on my face by the time we were done.

Most of our jumps looked okay but as you can see we still had a few awkward ones.
Oh and I forgot to mention that I did end up paying to have Loki's mane braided. I am fully capable of doing it myself but I am really out of practice and not that great at it to begin with. It was totally worth it to not have to stress about it and then to have him look so sharp for his pictures.


I wasn't nearly as nervous for XC the next day as I was for stadium. For whatever reason I just don't get as worried about XC. I think my trail riding past has a lot to do with it. But, probably the bigger reason is there aren't many people standing around watching on the XC course like there is in stadium.

XC ended up being a lot like stadium in the sense that I didn't have much horse during warm-up. Loki was totally chill and all like "whatever" but once we were out on course he turned into the fire breathing dragon I know and love. I was more prepared for it this time, though and other than having to circle once right before we headed downhill I was able to just let him gallop without fighting him too much. I was a little afraid we were going to be too fast but it turns out we were clear. I wish I could've found out what our actual time was. It always feels like we are flying out there. I haven't practiced much with learning pacing. I am very good at pacing the trot (for competitive trail) but not the gallop. But anyways we were clear! Which means WE FINISHED ON OUR DRESSAGE SCORE!! I am so excited about that in particular. We ended up in 6th place and really couldn't be happier with either of us. What a great way to end our time here in Ohio.

Our first or second jump. (Looks so tiny!)

Love this picture!

Another super awkward jump. I knew the cameraman was right there and it totally psyched me out!
I have some other thoughts but I'll have to save them for later.


  1. Looks how awesome you guys look!!!

  2. congratulations again!! you two look fab in all the pictures! sounds like a really nice and consistent and FUN outing, despite the rain!

  3. I love that he jumps in the browband I made you. It always brings a grin to my face.

    Congrats on having an incredible ride. I could never do jumpers and I totally admire those who can.

  4. WOW! Those are gorgeous pictures, and before you commented on his braids, I was thinking to myself how beautiful they were! :0)

  5. Wooohoo!! Congrats for finishing on your dressage score :D Ya'll look fantastic

  6. Yahoo go girl!! Love seeing the pics!!