Thursday, June 25, 2015


So, I've been missing for a while again. There's just so so much going on. Moving, back and forth to New York a couple times (we did get a house), trying to move my mother-in-law into her new apartment in the middle of her two heart surgeries, the list goes on. So I will try to sum it up as quickly as possible and then get to the good stuff.

First, our house:

 Jay and I participated in what is called the "housing draw" for an on-post house at West Point. This was a very interesting and stressful experience. There were something like 42 houses available and Jay was the 29th person in line to pick. Believe me not all houses are created equal on post. Somehow, even though Jay picked 29th we ended up with our 3rd choice. My conclusion: God is just good that way! It's an end unit so only sharing one wall with the neighbors and it has a fenced yard for the dog.

The other good news is we got an exception to policy in order to have all of our animals there. So no more worrying about what we are going to do with two extra cats. That is a huge blessing and relief.

Second the horse:
After some XC schooling we were feeling pretty darn good for our upcoming event at Midsouth. Loki and I were in sync and honestly doing the best we've ever done.

I hate that his left knee is down but otherwise love this picture!

Hey look I can even smile when I'm jumping scary jumps!
Unfortunately all this great preparation came before we went to New York for the housing draw. When I got home we only had about a week for final preparations and I was definitely not feeling so great anymore. I had three, yes THREE! falls right before our show. And all of them were simply from my brain taking a vacation I guess form all the stress of stuff going on.

The first fall was from me not noticing Loki had been bitten on his back before I saddled him up to ride (It wasn't a huge, open wound just a small knot that I missed). He was totally fine until he spooked and I landed hard on him and then he channeled his inner mustang and bucked halfway down the arena. I was really pissed until I saw what had caused it and then I felt bad. The second fall was me not paying attention and jumping halfway up Loki's neck and the third fall came when I was trying to get on and realized I had forgotten something. Instead of just getting all the way on and then getting down I tried to take my foot out of the stirrup got stuck, lost my balance, freaked Loki out and then fell on my rear when he ran off. Seriously did not feel ready for Midsouth anymore!

But my trainer would not let me quit. And I'm glad she didn't. Since this is already so long I'll wait to sum up the whole event but I'll leave you with a couple of pictures to give you an idea of how it went. :)

Still not perfect, I wish my rear were closer to the saddle and I wasn't biting my lip (seriously terrible habit) but otherwise love this picture.
Why yes that is a ribbon! Our very first USEA ribbon!


  1. congratulations- on the house, on the not dying falling off and on the ribbon!

  2. wow lots of good stuff happening despite the stress and craziness of moving!! you guys look phenomenal in that picture - can't wait to hear the details :D

  3. woohoo! Nice! And I heard the weather was not the most ideal either!

  4. Woooooo!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait for the full recap :D