About Us

About Me:

I am a thirty (something) adult amateur eventer. I claim southern Ohio as my home but I often reside in many other places. So far I've lived in Oklahoma, South Carolina, California, Georgia, and Washington (state) and even in Okinawa, Japan as in the other side of the world. Currently we are getting a short reprieve and stay back in our hometown in Ohio. My husband is an officer in the US Army so that should explain everything. We've been married for 16 years and have three children, three cats and two horses.

I started riding endurance on Arabians when I was around 12 and spent many of my young adult years as a somewhat clueless pleasure/trail rider. About four years ago I caught the eventing bug and haven't looked back since. Last summer I was able to lease an experienced event horse who took me to my first event. I still have a long way to go but I'm enjoying the ride (pun intended).

About Loki:

Show Name: Keep It Low Key (USEA)

Registered Name: Too Many Whyz (Jockey Club)

Barn Name: Loki 

Foal Date: 18 Feb 2007

Color: Bay (no white)

Size: 16+ hands

Loki and I are just beginning our partnership at this time. We hope to compete in eventing in the future but we are going to take our time to get there. My trainer found "Frankie" while I was away in Japan. When I first saw him I didn't think anything of him either good or bad. But the first time I rode him there was definitely something special about him. I found myself choosing to ride him whenever I was offered the choice. It took some time to convince myself that he was the one for me, though. He's bigger than what I thought I wanted but he's got a wonderful personality and loads of talent. In short I couldn't be happier.

Update: Loki and I have now been together for nearly a year and a half. A lot of that time I was away in Japan but we are still making progress towards our goal. Our first event together will be in the spring of 2014.

About Ghazal:

Registered Name: Vanity's Ghazal (Arabian)

Nick Name: Zelly Belly or Zel Bell

Foal Date: 20 Feb 1989

Color: Gray

Size: slightly under 14.3 hands

My Mom bought Zelly when I was 15. We knew next to nothing about horses at the time and I'd only been taking riding lessons for about three years but not consistently. Zel was an unbroke three year old. Yeah, not the recommended combination for happily ever afters but for whatever reason we did really well together. Looking back I wish I had known more about everything horse. I'm pretty sure I know I did a lot of things wrong but somehow Ghazal became my best friend and at 23 he is still alive and well and living the good life of retirement. If money and time ever work out in my favor I will start light trail riding him again. He's only retired because of my lack of time and finances to board and ride two horses at the same time not because of any real physical limitations.

The rest of the gang:

In Loving Memory:
 My baby, Sassy (12 year old Sheltie) If I could clone her I would. (Oct 99 - 28 Dec 2012)

Gimli (approximately 2 year old cat.) He refuses to be a strictly indoor cat and you can see what he thinks about my desire to spend any time on the computer.

Skittles (left) and Indy (right). These two are products of us living in Japan and not being able to bring any of our pets with us. I was just going to "foster" them. Turns out I'm not such a good foster home but I'm a great adopter! They haven't been integrated with Sassy and Gimli yet and won't be until we are home (permanently) from Japan next summer. It should be interesting.


  1. Nice blog. I love the horses! I, too, have lived in many places since my dad, an engineer, travels a lot. I have lived in Clovis, Spain, Sweden, Wales, Yosemite, Hill Country(Texas), and have visited many more. I've been to Italy, France London and many others I don't remember because I was so young at the time. Also, my family loves road trips so I have been to many western states as well as several eastern: California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Ohio. I'm only a teenager, so I've been to most of the places less than a year. I've lived in CA for threes, then Texas two years, the Ca again for two years!


    1. Thanks. Sounds like you've had quite the adventurous life so far!